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BILLIONAIRES - 2013 Edition (9th Annual Edition)



Mailing addresses & telephone numbers

 for ALL 400 Billionaires

       COST: $1,000 




              Call and lets discuss it.


If, you've wanted to communicate with billionaires, then, you now know how!

    The computer diskette is ready for use in your desktop computer. Just insert the diskette and examine the information about the billionaires. It's that easy to use.

to order email:

Contact billionaires with ease.

Now you can contact billionaires using the information recorded on the computer USB.

Cost:  $10,000


     We guarantee our product. When your product first arrives insert the diskette in your computer and open the files. If, the files are not on the diskette. Then, call us at the telephone number in the package you received and we will automatically give you a new diskette. No questions asked.

   If, you computer deletes the information on the diskette and/or your computer will not open the files on the diskette, during the first 3 months of you owning the diskette just contact us and we will replace the diskette. Again, no questions asked.

    We guarantee that you receive the information discribed on our website and we guarantee that you still have that information for the first 3 months. guaranteed. Question: What if its after the 3 months? Answer: You should contact us anyway. This is decided on a case by case basis.

Our competitors sell you mailing labels. We sell you a computer  USB  and you can print all the mailing labels you want from your desktop.

2012 Edition


 450 U.S. Billionaires

Cost: $5,000

2012 Edition - 8th Annual Edition

    Get mailing addresses, telephone numbers, and fax numbers for 450 U.S. Billionaires.

    You'll receive a computer USB and word processed and recorded on the USB is complete "contact information" for ALL 450 U.S. Billionaires.

2012 EDITION - 8th Annual Edition

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